Top racing games for Android

Racing games have earned high popularity in the present days. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you are sure to revitalize yourself by playing these games. We bring you a long list of outstanding games, which match your preferences. Here is a list of the best android racing games:

Beach Buggy Blitz

As you play this game, you are going to enjoy a wild ride online in which you will be able to crash and smash different obstacles, collect power-ups and coins in a similar way to fire-spitting Boost. The shield allows you to wreck anything.

You can find a humongous range of cars and characters which can be unlocked and upgraded. This game is known to feature a few unique, challenging tracks.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is regarded, as the latest entry in the catalogue of android racing homes. It offers a high octane and over the top experience along with the fixings. Players are allowed to work the way via the carrier mode to unlock the latest rides or upgrade the ones. As you play this game, you need to race against your opponents online in eight fast and wild cars. With the Touch-Drive controls, you will be able to shift the lanes to hit specific routes or jumps. You can browse through to know more about this game.

Beach Buggy Racing

This game is essentially the sequel of the Beach Buggy Blitz. A wide assortment of people prefers to play this easy-going racing game. Here, the players need to cruise along the tropical beach coast and try to hit the specific progressing checkpoints within a particular time. Collecting coins along the way will be useful in funding the buggy upgrades. As you play the game, you should ensure to avoid animals and different hunts. The gameplay features smooth and colourful graphics which are inclusive of beautiful water, lighting effects, dust. In addition to this, you can find a bundle of control options.